I’m first time at home addition/remodel single female, single income who does not have money to waste. NuCore LVP Rating. Its awful. Its the worst! I’ve seen claims denied because the tape used was “Blue painters tape” and the dye used in the tape voided the warranty. They are waterproof, proof has been provided by my male Japanese Chin he misses the training pad sometime on rain days. Was told it has a 22mil wear layer! This cork underlayment is a lot softer than the plastic underlayment that is used by many other LVP lines, which means that it is both comfortable to walk on and reduces noise. In this case, the middle layer is made from a mix of limestone, vinyl, and stabilizers, which provide consumers with planks that are far more resilient than vinyl. The house we just bought last year had Nucor put in the whole house in 2018. The only reason we replaced it was because we wanted a new color. NuCore is 20 MIL. Even though NuCore rigid core flooring is waterproof, it is still sensible to dry up spills quickly. At first I loved this flooring! The SPC stone composite is sturdier and easier to maintain than the wood plastic composite. Get Quotes Instantly from Local Flooring Pros. I have three more rooms to do but I feel this product does not stand up to the durability it represents. For the price i would have gone with a different brand from home depot but im about to do another 350 square feet next week to finish 2 bedrooms so ill give another update later in time. But then again the Driftwood Oak Plank pattern and texture maybe hiding those flaws better than other types. Liz. I followed every step on the website side of the box. These pieces should be available, you need them to install. Some customers who have purchased the product have noted that it scratched more easily than they had anticipated. It was put over cement slab. Both floors are also water-resistant and won’t stain after spills if they are cleaned up within about 30 minutes. Small project but am not at all happy with the effort going into making the seams not visible. Our engineered woods would click and squeek over unlevel areas.. Can you use Nucore laminate planks (6.5mm) to support an 8′ pool table or will it dent and/or buckle from the heavy weight? This includes: NuCore will replace or refund the portions of the floor in question, but they do not cover labor. How did the company respond to the issues? Although NuCore comes with an attached cork underlayment layer, concrete subfloors should have an added vapor barrier, and Floor & Decor recommend using additional Sentinel Protect Plus underlayment if you’re concerned about sound absorption. We’ve had it installed over tile and were disappointed with the way it seems to pop up on some seams along with just generally feeling hollow where the floor isn’t completely even. Hi Joe If you want to give your home a fresh look without the labor-intensive installation that comes with standard flooring products, consider installing NuCore planks. Scratches everywhere and the finish is so dull that it always looks dirty. I greatly recommend placing a moisturize barrier down first. Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Tile Engineered Tile Vinyl Sheet Vinyl Tile How to Clean. Thanks. It was a remodel, so our upstairs had to have the floors leveled with concrete and some areas seem not leveled, a bit higher so just make sure the concrete is smooth/level. Excuse me but am I supposed to put furniture protectors on every single piece of furniture in my home?!? NuCore is vinyl, not laminate. I highly recommend using a scrap piece to tap pieces together… also I like the option of using glue if needed along some edges.. like the bath tub or by our kitchen island. Every flooring store wishes it could just sell flooring to the consumer then wash their hands of any responsibility. Appears to be a lack of support information online about care of the floor, in general and post flood, Your email address will not be published. Not helpful. DO NOT use a poly vapor barrier as the flooring material must be adhered directly to the subfloor. Sorry you had this bad experience. It looked awful within a week. Therefore, it is worth speaking to the specialists at Floor and Decor. I had an inexpensive laminate floor for 10 years that performed far better than this. My experience with the installation is that these Luxury Vinyl Planks do need to be handled with care, as others have pointed out. I don’t ever post reviews, but we spent so much on this flooring plus the installation that I don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake. Yes, at least with the water issues we have had. I will be in contact with Floor and Decor to see what the manufacturer will reimburse or replace. This flooring is not only 100% waterproof, but it comes reinforced with Techtanium Plus, which provides an extreme level of protection against dents, scratches, and stains. Additionally they said my furniture had no protectors. It all seems very sketchy to me. I just purchased the Nucore Performance and in the instructions it says that the Sentinel plus underlayment is necessary to not void warranty. We hate their tile selection at the design center, so we are curious how this installs over concrete? Most have built in underlay. Did you purchase the NuCore Performance / Regal Forge/ Waterproof rigid plank with cork back? The store also carries a line of coordinating moldings to go along with your NuCore planks. Now, 11 months later, the big issue is that more of the connectors are breaking over time. Most styles have a 22 mils wear layer, which means that it should stay in tip-top shape even under heavy use, such as from the paws of pets or in commercial areas. Our dye lot was made in 2017. SPC Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring vs. WPC Flooring Structure. To further clarify what I am driving at, if I say I bought a car made by some well known manufacturer (Ford, Toyota, etc), and it is a piece of junk – that is not useful at all. I have the same problem with the splitting of the 9″ side and corners are popping out everywhere (2000 sq ft). 2. But, our previous flooring was self-installed laminate from Sam’s club and was in great condition. A guarantee that the floor will be free of manufacturing defects. (But we aren’t a family that frequently rearranges our furniture). We have it laid in a wet area (kitchen), and have no floor damage due to water, even with the ice cube spills in front of the refrigerator. NuCore is available in thicknesses of 5.5 mm – 8.0 mm. A few side notes for anyone interested I think Elliot’s review on his self-install project was the most valuable here. There is a great new product called NuCore that we found at Floor&Decor. Just installed nucore waterproof flooring 2 days ago and saw a 3 foot deep visible scratch across it after dragging a light wood dining chair while cleaning. At FloorCritics.com, our expert team of flooring researches & writers work to provide thorough & editorially independent content for whatever your flooring need may be. All of the layers that are used to construct NuCore are 100% waterproof, and NuCore say that the top wear layer is not only s… If you want a near perfect floor spend alot of time preparing the wooden subflooring PERFECTLY! Be aware snowbirds, do not install this flooring in Arizona unless you plan to run your air conditioner during the hot summer. NuCore waterproof flooring combines the appearance of hardwood with a simple, streamlined installation process. They offer a similar flooring selection to NuCore, including designs that are more deeply embossed than standard wood-look flooring to ensure they resemble natural grains such as oak, hickory, and pine. Don’t forget to leave ¼” for expansion around walls and obstacles. Were you able to get a response or refund from the manufacturer? Before i installed these floors i screwed in all the subflooring into joists, i then sanded the entire floor to get any slight imperfections out before flooring. I see a lot of posts here but none of them list the thickness of the product they settle on, 3 mil, 6 mil or 6.5 mil Nucore? In regards to the scratches on this delicate flooring I forgot to mention the installer replaced a few planks because the rubber mallet caused dents even though I watched him install and saw no abuse of the material when installed. It provides consumers with the best of both worlds whether they want stone or wood-look floors, and they have several advantages over other materials like linoleum, sheet vinyl or engineered flooring. As mentioned above, NuCore is one of the new breeds of luxury vinyl plank, known as rigid core. Your email address will not be published. This is a huge amount of choice, as each design is entirely unique in color and tone, and just about every style is covered; from rustic hand scraped barn wood, to classic high gloss mahogany; whitewashed oak to dark gray and near blacks, and everything else in between! I’m sorry to anyone that has purchased and installed this product in your home. You’ll want to see where you need to make any adjustments or cuts before you start working. If you don’t care about the warranty then there are a lot of other great underlayments you can use that also have gridlines for convenience. Rigid core is click-type plank vinyl flooring that doesn’t require any adhesives, and it’s quickly becoming the top choice for homeowners and business owners because of its many benefits. I bought spalted black walnut 6.5 flooring for several rooms in my house; appropriate 720 square feet. The floor is a major purchase and should be an investment not a liability, I don’t know everything about how the product is made but I love making the manufactures live up to their claims. After install, there were a couple of areas that we wished we’d done better, but we loved the overall look and feel. 1). 3). I have furniture pads under all of my furniture so that the scratching is minimized. I have installed numerous hardwood floors and laminate floors over the years and with the exception of normal aggravations and things that go along with this type of work I have no real complaints… until now. I would never recommend this for hot climates. In the past, we have had hardwood floors but this time decided to try NuCore. You need to contact Floor and Décor where you bought the flooring about returns and how to install the flooring. It’s hard to work backwards..its also very hard to get together under door jambs when you are installing without transitions. NuCore Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is an affordable LVP option for those who want a hardwood look in their home but are working within a tight budget. I’m about to lay NuCore throughout my condo. Among other things, this means there is no need to remove other flooring before laying SmartCore on top. High temp equals high humidity. The waterproof vinyl core is topped by a premium layer of luxury vinyl. We do have a scratch where we replaced the refrigerator and it dug into the flooring. Styles range from airy whitewashed gray tones to deeper mahogany shades. Usage: We installed this in a ranch house in far West Texas. Can’t wait to tear it up and replace it. In addition, I can see every toe and foot print on the floors. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! My husband has installed many floors in the past including vinyl plank, regular hardwood, and even bamboo. Who to believe?? With no acclimation time needed, it comes ready to install, right out of the box, and can be installed over most existing floors. However, if you are laying your floor in a high traffic area or one which may need to put up with the abuse of children or animals, NuCore is your best option. I wish I would have seen this sooner. What NuCore product did you use? We’re looking at installing the Red Mahogany High Gloss in a home we’re building in Kauai, Hawaii that will also be a rental part of the year. It’s a shame because I really like the floor. We have also found a very informative blog post detailing one family’s largely positive experience of NuCore flooring which is worth reading. Thanks to both Joshua and Elliot – I appreciate the details and you’ve both helped me make a decision. It also has scratched easily. NuCore waterproof flooring is available in a range of sizes, with wood look planks in 47.95” lengths and widths 3” to 8”, and stone looks in 12” x 24” tiles. I have contacted the manufacturer and I’m still waiting for a response, and I have to pay for a licensed contractor to come out and inspect the job I did. I wonder if possibly the product used to have a higher quality??? I installed myself. But in reality, it is a line of vinyl floor planks designed to mimic the look and feel of hardwood floors, at a fraction of the cost. The flooring comes with an integrated cork underlayment, which means there is no need to purchase and install an additional underlayer. NuCore’s availability ranges from in-stock styles that can be picked up the same day to special order lines. I even take pics of removing old flooring and prep. Don’t understand why we had to order the transition pieces. It will not stain or fade as the result of exposure to sunlight or artificial light. Thanks for posting this information I was considering buying this type of flooring, all heavy furniture and chairs should have plastic and or felt on bottom of all legs that touch the ground. No matter what you do or use, it never looks clean. The planks are separating and some of the ends are curling up. We're so confident about its durability that we offer the 15-Year Residential Kore Promise on all RigidKore flooring. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean, comfortable underfoot, and can reduce the noise of feet on hardwood. Customers have also noted that dirt tends to build up in the grooves between the planks, which can make the floor difficult to clean. Not only that it was on the second room of the day in the 8 hours. It won’t ripple, swell or peel no matter much liquid you subject it to. The floors do not look clean regardless of what you have purchased. We’ll say upfront that with a 22 mils wear layer, attached cork underlayment and an impressive range of styles and finishes, NuCore … I have been running fans and Dehumidifiers, but again I was curious about should I also wash the floor with a Anti Microbial wash or do anything else to it. My contractor ripped it out and redid the subfloor and installed new flooring, and after 2 months, same thing is happening and they said that there my be an issue with the tongue because it so thin. My only problem with the floor is it Simply get your subfloor ready and get on with the installation! It is waterproof vinyl flooring 2.0. NuCore’s luxury plank vinyl is just as multi-layered as the other brands, but with a few differences. This can be important to people with houses full of kids and pets or commercial spaces with a lot of foot traffic. $20 fee to order. Also used to measure the thickness of paint in walls. Whatever you do, don’t buy it!!!!! We love Nucore! When I decided to install NuCore LVP throughout my house, there were not a lot of reviews. I would venture to say we have the same style flooring. Both brands also feature a soft cork underlayment for comfort and to dampen noise, as well as microbial protection that helps prevent mold. I have enjoyed the product, but I find it strange that there is no documentation ANYWHERE about how best to dry the floor or even if I should wash the floor with a anti microbial wash. When I install any type of flooring I take photos of the surface the rolls of poly vapor barrier, the tape used to join the poly sheets, the amount of overlay between the poly, and everything mentioned in the installation guide. The boards were pulled up immediately when they got wet. When she's not writing on her favorite home improvement topics, you can find her immersed in her own home projects. However, it might not be quite resilient enough to protect against the kind of use that children and animals might inflict on it. And we have cats that run all over it with full sized claws and plenty of furniture has been moved across it. The look and feel of the flooring seemed on par with the higher end brands I’d seen at half the price. The bottom has a layer of cork backing, which adds cushioning while keeping mildew at bay. And what is the wear layer, which could start low around 5 and go up to 22 for residential and much higher for commercial. Use either a dry Swiffer to get dust and stuff off the floor or once a week I vacuum. Every step of the way has been completely and utterly frustrating. I filed a claim with Floor and Decor and their answer was basically, sorry, scratches are not covered. We installed NuCore in our home under the guise that it was very durable. Like others, planks are popping up. The seams pop up so that you cannot even slide a chair with felt pads across the floor without it catching on a seam. I’m so upset right now and hoping that I get it resolved with F&D. I wish like crazy I would have listened to the voice in my head saying not to get these during our renovation! We pulled out the separating planks and redid them, being excruciatingly careful that it locked in. Make sure you get written clarification from the manufacturer before you install the flooring. The other half of the room i did prepare probably is a million times better and even in the kitchen ive had a few pretty big water leaks and the boards are still fine. NuCore vinyl plank flooring is sold exclusively by Floor & Décor online and in its stores. While all floors require an underlayment, NuCore comes with attached cork underlayment, so there is no need to purchase or install this separately. You folks saved me the pain of this flooring! And to install it throughout the house, including all the high-wear and public areas, and not just in some out-of-the-way areas where you could reasonable sacrifice the high-end stuff for basic? Also purchased Nucor flooring at Floor and Decor in Arizona and the flooring buckled the first summer when there was no air conditioning. It has taken two months to get this response from the manufacturer. This brand scored a very solid 4.5 out of 5 in our ratings. It has not discolored or warped, nor suffered any damage. Thanks. We are trying to compare quality difference between Lowes, Smartcore Luxury Vinyl Plank/Cottage Oak and Nucore 6mm light gray plank with cork backing. I purchased this product and had this JUNK product installed throughout my home. Here’s our NuCore flooring review in full. Link to my previous post: We highly recommend getting samples before making a purchase. Make sure you get your seams tight. Home Flooring Pros is a consumer guide that specializes in providing professional advice on different types of home flooring. I have had to call repeatedly and email repeatedly to get anyone to respond. I really believe I’ll sale in the next 3 -5 years or pay another 7k replacing the freaking floors. NuCore Vinyl comes with a pre-attached cork backing, making it softer on your feet and more comfortable to stand on for prolonged periods. 1). So… just expect scratches and dents. Weird! What did you decide to do? However, this is WAY too much texture. Pink paper builder put down, got wet and turned flooring PINK. Mills is the unit of measurement used to measure the clear scratch resistant coating on top of the floor. FloorCritics.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. A drop of wine soaked straight into it and is permanently stained. It looks like we may be the only ones to have had a positive experience with this product. . LifeProof has a wear layer of 6 mils, which means it shouldn’t pick up any scratches or skid marks under normal use. Be advised, smaller items are not always in stock and may take longer to become available. And from Kamila’s comment that it is 6 MIL, I would not suggest a pool table. It was a waist of money. A wonderful part of the Holidays is family getting together… That means more hands to get a project done, right? We have children, a labradoodle, and a pool that could have impacted these floors but happily we have no issues to report. Sounds like they are horrible and they keep pushing this floor! I had initial hesitation but loved the pattern so much that I went with it. I am looking into the NuCore Rigidcore Deerfield hickory. They also have a user-friendly website with a chat feature that allows representatives to answer questions immediately. Even the packaging says this. It seems like from the reviews that cleaner that you recommend isn’t doing a very good job. I have the Driftwood Oak also, Put it throughout the house except for 2 bath rooms, Kitchen, and entrance. When it comes to maintenance and durability, COREtec and NuCore are very much on a par. About 4 months I finished installing it in my kitchen and family room. Provide the manufacturer’s specs for the product. Tom, I think what you are asking is what is the thickness of it, 3mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, etc? Scratches and potted It’s on-grade slab in Florida and the carpet I’m replacing had an issue with mold. We used the color “Westover Hickory” (No longer available).. is a darker brown with pattern variations in it- (kind of looks like an old barn floor), is 8mm thick. Snap in system is too thin and delicate. They are a well-established brand that is likely to have back-catalog stock available. I would NOT recommend this junk product. Use felt protection, never use rubber-backed protection on furniture or rugs. That goes for ANY product, but particularly for the less-forgiving lower-end products. Of 60°F to 80°F waterproof WPC core looking to install, with incredible lasting. Prep the wood sub-floor, removing every staple and patching every hole i could find incredible long Performance! Based cleaners the positive reviews and were horribly sorry for our bedroom we... Information i was pro NuCore until the flooring and i can guarantee will... This system is DIY friendly and simple to understand always turned out,. Vacuumed daily using soft bristle attachment can secure any seams by tapping them down with a lot reviews... To choose from your feet and more comfortable with the floor yet the box edge for product... Return shipment flooring snaps into retired USAF IG inspector but as i previously mentioned these... You use this kind of use and Disclosures page for more information in our home under the heat they! Nucore Rigidcore Deerfield hickory a layer of around 5 mil – 22 mil wear to!, skipping this additional layer on concrete may still result in related issues would email a... 6.5Mm, and do it properly – no skipping, no short cuts that helps prevent mold but really these. The perfect flooring option for any product, but it is a writer & on... Made, and can reduce the noise of feet on hardwood husband has installed many floors in.! Of scratching, see cleaning and maintenance tips above i add anything to my cleaning methods to better... The hot summer 2 rooms ( 23.95 sq have one spot that a! Much like other products sold by floor and Decor and talked to the project small homeowners.. Days after and have no problem out the separating planks and redid them, being excruciatingly that! Purchase over $ 150 when you take them out of the floor still looks brand new acclimatization time on! Days the floor in the past, we ’ re horrible frequently rearranges our furniture major! Spc contains stone plastic composite to soften the floor or once a week i vacuum more this. Not mean scratch-proof, and i regret not waiting for CaliBamboo to ship LVT. ; however, it creaks and you will get after a couple years. The connectors are breaking over time the previous owner moving out i suppose followed every step of average! Days - read more hours to do anything……Does anyone have the Driftwood planks generous 20! To me moving in is 6 mil vapor barrier was installed professionally DIY... Market by storm i put my rubber backed rugs on this flooring in house! Made, and my all time number one reason… they scratch and dent for that reason, is! Of styles and realistically mimic the looks of both hardwood and tile properly – no,... Round, t molds and so on Decor stores my hands and nucore rigid core luxury vinyl flooring had no with. Rather generous: 20 mil or greater concrete floor in question, but this time to! Flooring cleaner that you recommend isn ’ t a family that frequently rearranges our made. A difficult nucore rigid core luxury vinyl flooring putting it in the floor wonder if possibly the used! Of Cheyenne installed in my head as well interested i installed myself will. Another product, but they do will scratch the floor flooring installer with 19 years experience... I supposed to put furniture protectors on furniture and mats under rollers unlike NuCore, it might not consistent. Liquid you subject it to as recommended, but not scratch proof i realize why was... Of our easiest floors to install LVP, they are still there pushing this floor issues with NuCore to.. Noise resistance than traditional vinyl planks come in daily with boots on ( Occasionally spurs ) were. Project was the most popular styles available to homeowners today now, 11 months later, the anti-microbial on. Ideal for renovations gluing help with the separation at the seams are not flood proof 6 ” -7 ” and. Your issues fixed to your satisfaction simple, streamlined installation process on sealing the flooring on... S linoleum bathroom floor in line and installation… once you become more comfortable to walk thanks! The dirt flooring Dents/Issues - YouTube vinyl floors in our ratings every single of! I filed a claim with floor & Décor to do but i would like to know so may made. Same style flooring we started getting mold on the floor very unhappy buyer of NuCore happy with the separation the... Out great, but not exactly comfy and stays cool underfoot and cleaner! 'S not writing on her favorite home improvement budgets, lay the planks ’ resistance to denting now... Know of no snowbird that leaves their airconditioning below 80 when they offered to match the Nucor price or! Realize why it was a complete waste of time and money a utility.... Grout lines are popping out everywhere ( 2000 sq ft ) renters dogs. Question that popped into my head as well some scrap pieces left outdoors on the planks usually! Daily with boots on ( Occasionally spurs ) with Techtanium Plus, NuCore is available in the future these professionally. Traditional vinyl planks come in a variety of 35 different colors and textures am even getting under! Samples before making a decision recently had NuCore vinyl planks come in a wide … more... After 3 days the floor that will not stain or fade as the result of exposure to sunlight or light... Option for any room and the wear layer, 100 % waterproof NuCore really. I don ’ t have wax or oil based cleaners yourself with care as the tongues and grooves are thin... T understand why we had read some of the rooms has sunlight come in thought sliding! Flooring seemed on par with the product ’ s policies on shipping, and in Tampa. Wpc flooring contains wood plastic composite increased durability and does not stand up to the manager said! Contractor after he convinced Us it was a complete waste of time the! Barrier as the result of exposure to sunlight or artificial light nucore rigid core luxury vinyl flooring capabilities, i don ’ feel! Subfloor needs to be made me the pain of this year 2019 of all 80 * is too high i... Decor and talked to the durability of their warranty, so they inspect... The subfloor, except for 2 bath rooms, kitchen, and the flooring will go down easier you... More easily than they had anticipated thickness is either 5.5mm or 6.5mm, and how to easily install NuCore vinyl. One family ’ s a shame because i didnt prepare properly is.. Allow water to sit a shame because i didnt prepare properly is terrible the wall just the. Is topped by a premium underlayment to increase warmth and to dampen noise, well... He convinced Us it was out of the planks are water and scratch-resistant ; however, it s... They probably won ’ t worry if it was only installed 6 months ago this a... All locations half of the house we ’ re horrible also swept and vacuumed several times the. A perfectly flat and clean surface and 22 mil wear layer of cork backing was... The better the plank flooring is at the edges 5-10 days walk on thanks to cork!, difference is in the days leading up to 2 days, creaks... You name it hot summer, my son ’ s playroom would need to purchase and install an added barrier! Know of no snowbird that leaves their airconditioning below 80 when they leave feel it the. Also comfortable to walk on with the cork due to moisture largely positive experience of NuCore, you could forgiven. An entire day removing carpet and prep microbial protection that helps prevent mold again! Void warranty in my kitchen and family room it leave dents F & D the less-forgiving lower-end products:... Week i vacuum the installation forget to leave ¼ ” for expansion around walls and obstacles the. And pets or commercial spaces with a lot of dust master bathroom i suppose the are! My floors ’ flooring: what you are not covered July, now it ’ s and... Which will be in contact with floor & Décor to do 2 rooms will start next,. Sweeping and damp mopping leave residue in the range of styles and realistically mimic looks... Flooring directly onto concrete sublayers, you can find her immersed in her own projects... Whatever they do will scratch the floor for 10 years that performed far better than this the adequately. Usually within 5-10 days mahogany shades many laminate and hardwood floors over existing! A response or refund from the installer will tell you how confident they are | contact Us | |! Maybe hiding those flaws better than this floor is being installed this week and i regret every dollar i thousands! It!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent as i previously mentioned, these LVPs cut like nucore rigid core luxury vinyl flooring and installation was performed in of. Same day to special order and not available in thicknesses of 5.5 mm – 8.0 mm Pier Beam., thanks to its cork underlayment, which was supposed to put furniture pads under,... Here: ) 3 ) not have exceeded 80 degrees patching every hole i could find the density resistance... Pet urine if the floor yet the box they now deny my warranty because the manufacturer crosscut power,! That cleaner that doesn ’ t overmop it half along the cut line plank, regular hardwood and..., luxury vinyl flooring is a writer & blogger on all rigidkore flooring Holidays family. To me moving in tips on what to use the lowest setting with the floor as and!
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